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Film Block 1


the power of perseverance

Invisible History.jpg
Invisible History: Middle Florida's Hidden Roots

USA | 55 min

A film shedding light on the little-known history of plantations and the enslaved in North Florida. The film seeks to advance a sense of place and identity for hundreds of thousands of African Americans by exploring the invisible history of slavery in Leon County.

Director: Valerie Scoon

Tree #3

USA | 20 Min

After he's been cast (again!) as a background tree in his annual middle school play, an ambitious and imaginative Israeli immigrant boy leads a revolution on stage that his intolerant drama teacher will never forget. Director: Omer Ben Shachar

Photo 2 Undone_Still_01.jpg

South Africa | 4 min

Dotty lives alone in her house, finding comfort in her daily knitting routine. When she knits she enters a world where her memories come to life.

Directors: Sara Laubscher, Saira George

Film Block 2




miracle in the valley.jpg
Miracle in The Valley

USA | 1 hour 36 min

Boonville, California – 1906 Thirteen year-old Melinda, born out of wedlock and scorned by many, desperately wants to know what happened to her real father, but no one in town will tell her.

Director: Don Schroeder

MY MUSIC.Movie Poster 085x110.jpg
My Music


Set in the 1980s, MY MUSIC is the story of Ruth, a 16-year-old teenage girl who is sent to take care of her aging Aunt Inez; an elderly woman suffering with dementia and
Alzheimer’s disease.

fire extinguisher.PNG
Fire Extinguisher

Spain | 5 min

Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone's permission.

Directors: Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado

between the pages.PNG
Between The Pages

USA | 2 min

Shawn Houston, an adventurous young boy is forced to move to LA and stay at his grandparent’s house for the summer, with no friends and no Wifi.  He begins to explore the house and discovers his grandfather's magical book...

Director: Nicole L. Thompson

Film Block 3


amazing grace

Between The Shades.jpg
Between The Shades

USA | 1 hour 22 min

This feature length documentary that explores the many shades of being gay by what connects us all: love. The film looks at love though 360 degrees of parents, children, and generations.

Director: Jill Salvino

Renai Dance

China/Taiwan/USA | 4 min

“RenaiDance” is a 3D narrative emotional animation. The theme invigorates cultural inheritance and the integration of dreams, courage, and culture as transformation.

Directors: Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang

how they got over.jpg
How They Got Over

USA | 1 hour 27 min

How African Americans created the upbeat musical form that started out as gospel quartet music and became rock and roll.

Director: Robert Clem

self defense.PNG
Self Defense

Viet Nam | 2 min

When the only thing a woman has to defend herself is HER SELF.

Directors: Hieu Ho , Khanh Bang

Film Block 4


The Power of the human spirit

miracle highway 34.jpg
Miracle on Highway 34

USA | 1 hour 12 minutes

A diverse set of characters find themselves together in a old diner in a small town on Christmas eve during a snow-storm. While a young expecting couple tries to make it home on a night that's anything but silent. Director: Nathan Clarkson


USA | 28 min

A Poetic Journey of the Black Male's Experience

Director: Princess Garrett

bird god1.PNG
The Bird God

Israel | 3 min

A hero, Valvis, wanders through the desert. He hears an echo from afar. He follows the echo, and finds a giant whale.

Directors: Nadia Kal, Yoel Simhovitch




Film Block 5
Two Beats, One Soul

USA, Cuba 

A documentary celebrating the heartbeats of Cuban & American culture 

little satchmo.jpg
Little Satchmo


Louis Armstrong's only, and secret, child opens up. 

Director: John Alexander


USA |  5 min

In the Fynbos. Mbali, a Nature Sprite looks at all the plants with concern. She tries to revive a wilted flower. Defeated, Mbali sees fiery embers float past. She follows and finds a Fire Sprite scorching plants- and confronts him.

Directors: Celeste Jamneck, Caitlin Hoseck


USA | 11 min

After moving from California to Virginia because of a military relocation, a young boy named Casey must once again adapt to middle school life in unfamiliar territory but along the way find comfort in a unexpected friend.

Director: Deborah Shearer

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